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Main Services

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  We greatly appreciate your involvement in our local healthcare system and look forward to providing a high level of care to you and your family during this exciting time.  For any questions regarding our OB program, please email or call 509-633-6242.

The birth of your child is a wonderful, awe-inspiring moment-your own little miracle and with this new life comes great expectations for your little one as he or she enters the world.  The dreams you have for your child are as unique as your needs and expectations during your pregnancy and delivery.

At Coulee Medical Center, we understand that each mom is different, each family unique, and each baby remarkable.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in providing quality, compassionate, heartfelt care throughout your pregnancy and childbirth experience, and beyond.

We realize that you have other choices. We believe that the health of our local community benefits by offering obstetrical services. By trusting us with your pregnancy and your baby, you are participating in making our local health care system better. Again, we thank you.

To be successful in providing a long term, stable and sustainable obstetrics program, the providers rotate the days they do deliveries. This means that you may be delivered by any one of our 5 physicians depending on the day. We want you to have a chance to meet each of them during your prenatal care so that you are familiar and comfortable with each.  To accomplish this, when you have reached 30 weeks gestation, you will be entered into the “30 week OB clinic”.  In this clinic, you will be scheduled with different OB providers to allow you to meet the other providers, and allow them to become more familiar with you, your family, and any complications you may have.

The providers providing obstetrical care include Dr. Andrew Castrodale MD, Dr. Jennifer Knox, MD, Dr. Adam McConnell, MD, Dr. Jacob Chaffee, MD, and Dr. Barry Bacon.