Debbie Bigelow

Johnathan Owens

Chief Executive Officer

Johnathan Owens joined the CMC team in July of 2016.  He began his career in Washington State and is grateful to be back in our beautiful state.  Johnathan has a wide-range of experience in hospital mangement.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare from East Tennessee State University and is currently completing his Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management.   Johnathan also serves as the facilities Privacy Officer. 



Ramona Hicks

Chief Clinical Officer

Ramona joined CMC in 1993 as a surgical technician.  After completing her LPN training at Boise State University, she worked at a clinic in southern Idaho and was an active EMT for 10 years.  She earned her nursing degree while working full-time. She has served in a variety of roles at CMC, including, OR supervisor, infection control nurse, employee health nurse, quality director, risk manager and hospital chaplain. 


Notice for CMC Employees

An important notice about your prescription drug coverage and Medicare.
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