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25 bed Critical Access Hospital

Acute Care/Swing Beds:
Our hospital offers 11 medical / surgical and swing beds. All of our rooms in the facility are private rooms with space for family and friends to visit comfortably and each room comes with a relaxing scenic view.  Our nurses are trained and have the necessary certifications to care for a wide range of patients.  We are able to care for patients of all ages:  newborns-geriatrics.  We are able to care for a variety of diagnosis, such as medical, telemetry, obstetrics, postpartum, pediatrics.  Nurse to patient ratio goal is 4:1 or less.

Long Term Swing Beds:  
We have a LTS census of 14.  These “residents” live at our facility in private rooms.  They are cared for by 3 NAC’s and 1 RN every shift. The Acute care and Long Term care have a Charge nurse 24/7.